Dental RPA Services

Why do I need an RPA?

Quite simply Regulation 13 of IRR99 states that a radiation employer must ‘consult such suitable Monitor_digitalmagingradiation protection advisors’ to ensure compliance with the regulations. An RPA will also be able to advise you regarding compliance with the IR(ME)R regulations, and many can also act as a Medical Physics Expert (MPE).

Note: For further information see the Guidance notes for Dental Practitioners on the safe use of X-ray Equipment – 2001

The areas which your RPA will be able to give advice on are:Dental X-Ray Unit

1. Prior examination of plans for the installation and acceptance into service of new or modified x-ray equipment
2. Prior Notification to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
3. Prior Risk Assessment.
4. Engineering controls, design features, safety features, and warning devices
5. Restriction of exposure – keeping doses As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP )
6. Requirements for Controlled and Supervised areas
7. Local Rules and Radiation Protection Files
8. Contingency plans
9. Radiation Protection Supervisors
10. Information, instruction and training for relevant staff
11. Regular testing to ensure that x-ray equipment is operating within 3DCTOblique CrossSectionsacceptable performance parameters (eg diagnostic reference levels, operating potential, x-ray output, timer accuracy).
12. Investigations

What do SG&A provide?

On an annual contract (renewable by mutual agreement).

We will visit for the first 3 years and then every 2 years thereafter. All CBCT and Hand Held units have to be assessed annually.

The year that we will visit we will:-

Carry out a full assessment of all your radiation protection documentation.
Measure kVp, diagnostic reference levels and conduct shielding checks and timer tests.
We send a comprehensive report with any recommendations made.
Send the RPA certificate and the invoice for the years RPA cover.
Continue to be available for advice throughout the year.
Non visit year we will:-
Send a short report detailing the audit points from the last report and also include any other recent information which will help you enhance your compliance (eg feedback from CQC or HSE inspections).
Send the RPA certificate and the invoice for the years RPA cover.
Continue to be available for advice throughout the year.
Radiation Protection Files
As an additional service, we can produce a Radiation Protection File, including local rules, quality assurance, training and professional development and radiation protection information sections.
Note: Local Rules booklet, laminated local rules for specific rooms, and laminated information for patients are also produced within this one off charge. We also include a disc with templates which can be updated.

Inspection of Plans
This can be done either by sending the plans to SG&A or requesting an on-site visit. A written report is sent or emailed in conjunction with any discussions needed with the builder / installer of the x-ray equipment.

Critical Examination and Acceptance Test
Following installation, moving, or repair that changes a component part of the x-ray unit (ie tube head or timer) it is the responsibility of the installer (engineer) to undertake the critical examination with an RPA either appointed by them or the legal person of the practice. We will come and do an on-site assessment for you, (instead of using film packs).

Please contact SG&A on 01362 822066 or email for a personalised quote