RPA Services – Vets

Veterinary Practices are governed by the Ionising Radiations regulations 1999 (IRR99) when using x-rays, and IRR99 and the Environmental Permitting regulations 2010 (EPR2010) when using radiopharmaceuticals such as Technecium-99m or Iodine-131 (the holding and using, and storage and disposal of radioactive materials being enforced by the Environment Agency). The transport of any radiopharmaceuticals used by a veterinary practice are also subject to the current transport regulations.

BVA guidelines – The Guidance Notes for the Safe Use of Ionising Radiations (2002) – written by veterinary surgeons who were radiation protection advisors (RPA’s) and supported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Health Protection Agency Radiation Protection Division (HPARPD).

Why do I need an RPA?

To provide professional advice on radiological aspects of Veterinary radiographic work under the provisions of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999, HSE Approved Code of Practice and associated BVA Guidance Notes (June 2002). The advice will also cover requirements and good practice contained in other relevant legislation and professional body (eg BVA/HPARPD) recommendations – including the Management of Health and Safety at Work (MHASAW) Regulations 1999.

If you are using radiopharmaceuticals your RPA will also be a source of advice regarding the transport, holding, using, storage, security and disposal of these isotopes.

What do SG&A provide?

Annual contract renewable by mutual agreement.

Visit/revisit your practice to carry out a full assessment, record/update all reference levels and shielding checks.
Give advice and assistance regarding risk assessments, designation of areas, local rules, quality assurance, training requirements, radiation protection supervisor requirements, dosimetry, contingency planning and investigation of incidents.
Advise on the updating of your Radiation Protection File.
Provide a comprehensive report with any recommendations.
Issue an RPA certificate annually.
Continue to be available throughout the period of appointment for any radiation protection, or x-ray equipment advice.
Contact you as a reminder for renewal of services a few weeks before certificate expiry.
Radiation Protection Information File
As an additional service, we can produce a Radiation Protection Information File, including local rules, quality assurance, training and professional development and radiation protection information sections.
Note: Local Rules booklet, laminated local rules for specific rooms, and laminated information for staff/holders are also produced within this one of charge.

Inspection of Plans
This can be done either by sending the plans to SG&A or requesting an on-site visit. A written report is sent in conjunction with any discussions needed with the builder / installer of the x-ray equipment.

Critical Examination and Acceptance Test
Following installation, moving, or repair that changes a component part of the x-ray unit (ie tube head or timer) it is the responsibility of the installer (engineer) to undertake the critical examination with an RPA either appointed by himself or the legal person of the practice. We will come and do the on-site assessment for you, which is instead of sending off film packs.

How much will this cost?

Please contact SG&A on 01362 822066 or email for a personalised quote