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Our Clients

We work in various sectors as Radiation Protection Advisers (RPA), Radioactive Waste Advisers (RWA) and Medical Physics Experts (MPE).

We also work with a range of professions including dental, veterinary, chiropractic and medical practices, universities, NDT, food, pharmaceutical, engineering, transport companies, and research bioscience facilities.

Although SG&A was originally based in East Anglia, the growth of the company has allowed us to extend our expertise further across the UK.

All whilst remaining committed to our ethos of maintaining a personal, bespoke, high-quality service for all our clients.

Radiation Experts

Our highly qualified radiation experts provide professional, knowledgeable, practical and cost-effective advice, supported by a friendly, conscientious admin team.

SG&A believe in investing in the future and our current certificated Radiation Protection Professionals are committed to preparing and guiding our trainees to obtain their full certifications.
Before becoming RPAs, our team worked in laboratories, hospital, veterinary and university fields, which allows them a greater understanding when giving practical and practicable advice.

SG&As affiliation with other qualified and experienced associates within the field of radiation protection also broadens our ability to provide expert specialist opinions.


Current legislation requires employers to ensure that all staff working with ionising radiation are adequately and appropriately trained, and each site is required to have at least one radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS).

Whether the training required is at a basic user level, or as an RPS, SG&A can provide it.

We also run an accredited Certificate in Dental Radiography Course.

We deliver regular, scheduled RPS courses at our purpose-built training facility in Norfolk.

We can also provide individual courses tailored to your company’s needs at your site.

Why do I need a Radiation Expert?

UK Legislation – The Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17), The Ionising Radiations (Medical Exposures) Regulations 2017 (IR(ME)R17), and The Environmental Permitting Regulations 2018 (EPR18), state that any company working with sources of ionising radiation (x-rays and radioactive isotopes) have a legal responsibility to appoint an appropriate RPA, RWA, MPE or a combination of these.

What we do

We provide you with a bespoke, responsive and friendly service, giving expert advice to support you in achieving full compliance with the legislation required for your sector.
To do this we visit your premises, complete a full assessment of your site and working practices, including an audit of your current radiation protection documentation.

Working alongside you

To achieve compliance, we work with you to complete

  • HSE notification, registration or consent
  • Application/variation/surrender for permits if required
  • Radiation risk assessments including a radon assessment
  • Local rules specific to your site

Following the visit/assessment

  • Send a comprehensive annual report and certification
  • Give you results of the assessment of dose and monitoring of your equipment
  • Be available in an emergency 24/7
  • Advise on radiation protection training

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