Stephen Green and Associates Limited have recently become a registered distributor of Mirion Technologies Dosimetry Services and can provide you with all the necessary monitoring devices for your requirements, which can include instadose+ badges, MeasuRing, finger stalls and eye dosimetry.

SG&A, are excited to be able to provide the instadose+ dosimeter badge which revolutionises the way Radiation Protection Supervisors can manage their radiation monitoring programs.

With real-time reporting and tracking capabilities it allows users to pinpoint high dose exposures and anomalies faster because only instadose+ dosimeters enable on-demand and scheduled calendar reads with online access to both historical and current dose measurements and reports.

instadose+ dosimeters use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology to transmit dose data. The following communication devices are used to capture reads from instadose+ badges that are within range:

• Smart devices with BLE technology with the instadose app installed

• PCs with an instaLink-USB connected

• instaLink Hotspot Stations

The instadose+ badge will be set to upload monthly, automatically, at any location that has any of the above active communication devices.

If you ever miss the upload day, or you have a query about your dose and want to check whether a dose has been received, an additional manual upload can be done at any time.

instadose+ badges are available in a variety of colours and can be kept for many years (for as long as the battery lasts), at which time they will be replaced by Mirion, making them very cost effective.

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