Certificate in Dental Radiography

33-36 hours + Revision sessions over 26/30 weeks

Admission Requirements

  • To be a qualified dental nurse or hygienist and able to send a copy of your GDC registration.
  • To submit a fully completed application form.
    To have GDP signed confirmation of the support and supervision of your dental practice.
  • Each candidate is required to complete an induction test and will be advised if they are a suitable candidate.

Course Aim

At the end of this course the successful participant will be able to take x-rays and produce diagnostic dental images that have been prescribed by a GDP.

Course Duration

The course is generally conducted over approximately six months.

Attendance is required for 5 x 1-day sessions (9am-4pm) and 2 x ½ day sessions (9am -12.30pm)

Course/Examination Options

SG&A has been accredited by both the NEBDN and Society and College of Radiographers to run this course.

Students have the option to take either the SG&A or the NEBDN examination on completion of the course. The course content is the same, the record of experience is similar, and each student must also complete case history studies.
Please note that both examinations and the certificates that are awarded are of equal standing.

If all sessions are attended, a certificate for at least 36 hours of verifiable cpd will be given at the end of the course.

The following documented evidence is required to be submitted by the end of the course:

  • Record of Experience
  • A record of at least 60 x images taken over the duration of the course
  • Case History studies
  • Candidates are required to produce Case History studies for three different types of x-ray imaging
  • Quality Assurance Programme (SG&A candidates only)

The student will document a quality assurance process implemented within their own place of work.


SGA Course TBC

Forthcoming dates

We do not currently have any courses scheduled for 2022

Our aim is to assist and offer support to help students to gain this qualification. Once registered, they may contact the SG&A office if they have queries or require help with any part of the course or completing the required elements.

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